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Info about Mendon
Town Offices -no leaf pick up, suggest composting
Mendon Ponds Park (right across the street) Map and Trails!
Monroe County - links to lots of info about the area

TownClerk for Henrietta - lots of info
Rochester Airport
Monroe County Water Authority
Rochester Environment

Rochester Business Journal

Weather and script:

Trip Planning (Weather)

        Aviation Digital Data Service

Road Conditions

Border Wait Times


Credit Unions

The Summit Credit Union
First Rochester Community Credit Union


    Wells Fargo


Legal - Chris Corcoran 585-454 - 5850


Wegmans - Flyer - Store Locator
Tops Friendly Markets - Flyer - Store Locator
Sam's Club - Store Locator
Home Depot - Flyer - Store Locator
Lowes - Flyer - Store Locator
Circuit City - Flyer - location seems to be stored in cookie, but can change from that page
BestBuy - Flyer - linked by javascript
Menards - No....
Costco - No....


Gas/Electricity - Rochester Gas and Electric - 585-546-2700 spoke with Ketih Will use variable rate for electricity - can choose fixed or variable rate in December.  Can provide degree days, past history, etc.  Will mail a package on how to read meter to get more accurate monthly bills.  Current approach is estimated readings.

Water - Monroe County Water Authority, 585-442-7200 Talked with Cathy.  $5 transfer fee.  Next billing is Jan 31st.  Meter read as 0142600 on 19 Dec 2005.

Sewer (not required)

Trash -

Waste Management ($21.75/month - 3 months free - 5% discount if prepay for year)  Sharon McGinnis 647-5218
COAKLEY DISPOSAL SERVICE INC3303 Rush Mendon Rd Honeoye Falls NY 585-624-4344
Suburban Disposal
Waste Management
Recycling - drop off

Hazardous waste - drop off
no leaf pick up, suggest composting - Town Offices

Radio and Television



VOIP Cell Phone

Cable TV


Satellite DSL Internet (Cable)
Frontier Talk and Surf 585-777-4663, spoke with Trina Set up is $33.32 on first bill, monthly bill is $21.40 (12.96 plus "taxes") for basic service only, no long distance.  Number will be 585-334-3492 X       X X  
Time Warner - customer service - Customer Referal deal - Talked to Mary Ann at 1-800-756-7956, $29.95 per month, modem is free, installation is $24.95, no option for self installation. Will come January 5th 12-4 pm.   X   X     X(RoadRunner)
Signal strength testing of modem?
Dock-n-Talk one time equipment purchase. Cell based. Uses in house extensions     X        


(in house) X          

Sipura 2000

(in house) X          
Verizon     X        
ADT (1, 2, 3) required            
NextAlarm.Com (compatability) (download manuals) OK   OK       OK
Alltel Wireless  V262 Users manual              

On-Line Phone Directory

National Do Not Call Registration

Other Home Stuff:


Rheem Classic 90 Plus
AprilAire 600
AprilAire 2400

Thermostat - RiteTemp 8085 - not 8085C - lousy display, no apparent humidity control (Oh, for my old Thermidistat!)

Ceiling Fans -  Concord Fans

Plowing/Mowing/Landscaping -

Structured Wiring Home Network Solutions: Leviton Strucured Media Cabinet - catalog

Security has been redone - big time!!

Board was Safewatch Pro 3000 = Vista 20p without zone doubling... (Board was stickered as SASW3000EN)
Sensors was Sentrol AP450 four wired
Fire Alarm in basement was ESL 521 BXT (smoke and Rate of Rise)


Installer code defaults -

Ademco 4110, 4120, 4140, 5140, 4111, 4112
Ademco - 6321
ITI - 4321 or 63211

Power down (disconnect battery), power up, press * and # simultaneously, then follow the installer's guide to READ the installer code. (press #,2,0 - I think!)

A) Press both [*] and [#] at the same time within 50 seconds after power is applied
to the control,
B) After power-up, enter [Installer code (4-1-1-2)] + 8 0 0 (long beep indicates one
of the partitions is armed and system cannot enter program mode).
(method B is disabled if you exit the program mode using *98)

You have it right. Power down again, and press * & #. It should get you in, unless you locked it out via the downloader. The first field 20 is the master code. Press #20, it will display the mastercode. Press *20 to enter the new code. Press *99 to exit programming.

Prevent installer code reentry :

Press *98. Exits Programming Mode and prevents re-entry by:
Installer Code + [8] + [0] + [0]. To enter the programming mode if * 98 was
used to exit, you must first power the system down. Then power up again,
and press [*] and [#] at the same time, within 50 seconds of powering up.

Allow installer code reentry:

 Press *99. Exits Programming Mode and allows re-entry by:
Installer Code + [ 8] + [0] + [0] or by: Pressing [*] and [#] at the same time,
within 50 seconds of power-up.




Users Guide #1, #2
Installers Guide #1

Keywords: Ademco - Vista -
Lots of info (1)
Bass Home. com - a "character" on newsgroups...

X-10 Transformer - see manual - there may be another device that simple does the x-10 w/o power for less

X-10 Ideas? -

When garage is opened, turn on outside lights - particularly if dark.
Turn on all lights in case of alarm.
There is a random time function for turning on lights - again outside, maybe inside too...yes?
Can we control the heating from schedule trigger?
Can we control from a phone? yes?
Can we trigger a chime from a motion detector?

Fire Alarm in Garage is BRK4120 ionization type without battery back up - spec sheet

Window Sizes

Cam's/Guest - 63.5" tall * 39.5"
North Bonus Room - 63.5" tall * 75"
East Bonus Room - 58" Tall * ???

Landscape Bulbs

GE 4414 Emergency 18 watt PAR 36 @ (sylvania 30965)

Have tried replacement with Sylvania 36PAR36/cap/wfl32 12V (55091) which has a lifetime of 4000 (vs. 300 hours), but may not handle the weather particularly well. (At 6 hours/night, that's only 50 days vs. 666 days.) We'll see!


Lowest Area Gas Prices
Motor Vehicle Registration (I think it says you have 90 days to register)
New York State's New Cellular Phone Law On-line brochure
Autozone - Store Locator
Discount Tire - Store Locator - No

Home Insurance

Allstate -
Amica - Charlene
Met Life - Nick Sullivan
Brighton/Pittsford Agency - Lisa Dunn (Sharon Kerry)


Scottish Highland Dance
Scottish Pipe Band - Feadan Or - Rochester Scottish - Gates Police Keystone Club



Board Buddies - Manual